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Okay Let Me Start:My name is Hidalgelis Villar, I am 16 years old. I like to read dystopian's books, romance, chick lit books. Before I hated to read but since I reached the middle of my Sophomore year I realized books are not as boring as some people think. Now I am a girl kind of obsessed with books (okay let me rephrase I Love them). Since I read the Hunger Games I felt in love with books, yea is crazy that i had to read a book to like other books. I decided to make a blog because it is something that many people are doing and I wanted to know what it felt to have a blog made by me. Okay -Awkward silence-. Cough Cough . Have a Nice DAY . Thank YOU! ^^

 My name is Yhelainy Villar I am 12 years old and I am exactly like my sister just a small version of it. Laugh if you get what I just said. I am kind of the sentimental sister in the family because I could be watching a movie and start crying out of the blue. My sister is like the stronger/harsh one. But we are both awesome. I am in the 7th grade now and I love reading just like my sister especially Fantasy, Chick lit, mystery, and crime. 


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