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I welcome authors and publicists to send me requests to review their books. I love reading dystopians, romance, contemporary, paranormal romance, and others. I only read YA books. Please don't send request to me for self-published works. I would read the book as soon as possible and write my honest opinion about the book. I don't like lying and if I don't like the book I would say it in a nice way and say everything i loved about the book and the things that were not so great. I would review them with my own taste so somebody else might think the book might be great and I could disagree because everyone has different taste. With that said if you would like to send me books for me to review please send me an email at: 

 My sister is 12 years old and she is also part of the blog and she reviews children books for her age so if you need any book reviews from us just send an email at the email address above.

If you have any question or concerns email me at the same email.

Thank you,

Have a nice day ! ^^

Well I do not actually have any rule because this is a free country LMAO but I suggest you don't:

1. Be rude to other people everyone has their opinion

2. Dont Judge people

3. You should be a subscriber to be on my future giveaways

4. Have fun and comment on anything you want

5. Respect the Pouch ( Respect it) LOL that is a commercial (Okay yea i know kind of a corny joke). Anyways

*P.S. I accept suggestions to make my page better because I just started being a blog person and I am kind of getting it a little . <3 Have a nice day people . Thank YOU ^^



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