In My Mail Box

Thank you to Simon Pulse for sending me this books  :D Extra excited :')

Also Signed by Rebecca Serle :')

Thanks to Simon & Pulse 

Thank you to Simon & Pulse

Thanks to Simon & Pulse 

Thank you to Goodreads :D 

Thanks to Anne Tibbets :D

Thank you to Goodreads ^^

Thank you Steven J. Carrol Got a Signed Book ^^

Yes Just got this today extra excited for this books: Thank You One won at a giveaway and one for review but I am going to review both after I finish reading them. I am going to stop reading the books I was reading before to start this one because I have to review them ASAP

Thanks to J.R. Wagner for sending me two bookmarks (: . I Appreciate it ^^

In My Mailbox (HAPPY ^^)

Got Another Book Today (Won on a giveaway) YES! LOL 

Won at a giveaway (:


  1. Yea I feel special because is the first gift I ever got from an author :') LOL