Sunday, September 23, 2012

Reading More Than one book at a time?


 I totally do not know how some people do it. Yerp. You guys are all probably like what is this girl talking about?

Well I am talking about reading more than one book at a time. How is that even possible, I tried to do it but is just a big failure because I sometimes forget what happened in the other book or get the plots mixed up and at the end do not get what I read from any of the books. I am just the type of person who has to read one book at a time and then after I finish that book I start a new one.

That just totally came into my head while I was on Goodreads checking new books coming out in January 2013. Like OMG 2013 is going to be EPIC. All the books I see in Goodreads for 2013 look awesome and they are totally going to be on my bookshelf. I just hope we survive the end of the world (2012). HAHA I am just kidding I do not believe in that even though I have also seen the movie of what could happen which was called 2012. Loved the movie but I do not believe that would happen, that is my opinion some people might think other things. Well anyways back to what I was saying how do some of you guys read like literally 4 to 5 books at a time. I tried to read two books at a time once and I could not do it so I could never believe myself reading 4, 5, or up to 6 books at a time which is what a lot of people are doing to finish books fast.

Books are not to read fast, they are for enjoyment, people now read in a hurry to do book reviews, just enjoy the book and then do the book review. There is no point in rushing and playing with your brain reading 5 books just to have like 5 book reviews in one day. Some people do not even sleep reading books at times like your health is more important than not sleeping for two days to finish a book. Well I just exaggerated just sleep guys and continue reading the book the next day. I do have to say that books are amazing, some and they just make you want to keep reading without stop but you have to able to control your temptations. Okay too much talking, I am done. Douses :D

What do you guys think about this issue? well is not an issue, but about this that I just talked about.

Leave comments below :D Everybody can say what ever they want. Freedom of Speech. LOL.

 Have a nice day !                                                       
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  3. Yeah, the most I have ever read at a time has to be five books, but I tend to stick with only one when I'm at school because I get confused with my textbooks and books for fun. New follower. Happy reading!

  4. I can't focus on more than one book at once because when I read I throw myself fully into that fictional world so being in two stories at once is too much for my brain @_@
    Yep, I'm weird.
    I love your layout, especially the Chesire cat :]
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    Kaitlin @ Read. Write. Love.

  5. Love your blog! <3 It's so fun! <3 Thanks for telling us about it.

  6. I used to never read more than one book at a time (well, except when going through college) but now I have two going. Either my OCD is weakening or my attention span is.

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