Thursday, August 2, 2012

Yay: Super Excited

I received Surviving High School by M. Doty (ARC) and I am really loving this book, I am 3/4 in the book so hopefully I would have this read by today and post a book review about this book. This book is a page turner it keeps me reading non- stop so I would have to leave you guys and keep reading this awesome book because is messing with my head and is telling me "Hida, Please come back to reading me". Lol that was a joke but really this book is absolutely amazing so hopefully when the book comes out in September you go buy it and read it or get it at your local library. Hopefully I won't be dissapointed at the end on this book. But anyways have a nice day it would go back on reading this book. Talk to you guys in a few hours after I am finished reading this book.

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