Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Things I look for in a book:

1. Title 
What do I mean by title?
I mean a title that sound interesting and that includes the main point of the book but doesn't give out what is going to happen for example if I see a book with a title of " I want BK" that is not going to catch my eye unless it has a cute cover.

2. Cover
Yes, Yes I know covers shouldn't mind because my mom always told me that the image of something or a person isn't really what is inside but I always try to get cute covers to make my bookshelf look absolutely amazing. I like creative original covers which show detail and makes my imagination travel to Jupiter.

3. Sypnopsis
An interesting mysterious info which includes the main idea of the book but does not tell too much of it either because I hate spoilers. I know I seen some books that I have bought in the past and then I realize the synopsis basically said what was going to happen through out the book and that is a big turn off for me.

4. Goodreads Rating, Book Bloggers, or Book Tubers
Yes ! all the books I have bought or checked in from the library are all books I seen other book bloggers or book tubers recommend. Goodreads is a great site were I always check how good or bad a book is. I know sometimes the rating is different than other people opinion's because everyone is different but my rating almost always matches Goodreads ratings and my fave book bloggers and book tubers.

5. The Length
Isn't that so embarrassing to say? Yes sometimes I don't want to read a book because of how big it is which is why I have not read Twilight series because the book scares me. My biggest fear is carrying that heavy book reading it and then realizing is not as exciting as I hope it to be.

6. Author
Sometimes I find that if I have read a book from an author and I loved it and like the author's style of writing than I would like the author's next books so I buy them to try out.

7. How it feels
Feels? Wth is this girl talking about?
Well what I mean by that is that you know those books you touch and they are rough I don't know how to explain it but when I hold a page I want it to feel normal. I know, I know your probably like let me skip this part because this girl is weird.

8. How it smells
Ewww? some books smell really really bad in fact the book I read called "Love and Leftovers" almost made me faint which is why I wanted to finish the book really fast because the smell was killing me. I had to spray febreze 4 times and it didn't work, that is how strong it was because Febreze is amazing it always heels bad odor. LOL

9. Plot
I have read books that basically have nothing to solve because the book is all about happy things. I like a plot that doesn't look fake, what do I mean by that? I mean a book that has a realistic plot. OMG you know what I hate? of course not I hate when I read an entire book and the freaking plot or problem wasn't resolved by the end of the book. So I end up thinking what would have been different if other events have had happened during the book. YERP.

10. YA
I basically like YA right now because I am a TEEN duh! lol well no! there are also other adults that like YA but I think when I grow up I would hopefully be reading adults book because that way my vocabulary would get better. if I read a adult book now I would be blanked out because I wouldn't understand half of the things the author says or because of the vocabulary. i think. YERP.

Well this are 10 things I look for in a book before I decide to buy it.

What do you look for in a book? Do you agree or dissagree with me?

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  1. Those are all great things to look for in a book! I'm weird too bc I totally get the smell and feel aspect!

    1. Lol thank god there is someone else who relates to me on the smell :D