Thursday, August 2, 2012

Surviving High School Book Review:

 What would you do if you could not eat ice-cream! Couldn't have a boyfriend? or Have time to hang out with friends? 
*I seriously don't know how I would react or do if I was in the position of the great character of Emily Kressler.

Awesome (Check)
Interesting (Check)
Page Turner (Check)

I seriously have no other words to describe this book, I truly recommend this YA contemporary with romance as well. This is my favorite genre out of all of them and I have to say that after reading this book it made my mood go from normal to excited. What are the reasons I have for my mood to go from normal to excited? no idea, probably it is because this book since page 1 (or may I say Page 4 were it really started) made me keep flipping the pages not only because the characters and the theme was incredibly awesome but it was all related to a girl who was following a dream of becoming a professional swimmer who competed and practiced a lot and did not have a normal life like the kids her age. Not only did she not eat ice cream.. Yes ice-cream! but she had to always sleep at a certain time she couldn't have boyfriends, or skip practices. Her dad was someone who pushed her a lot (too much I would say) but that is what parents do I guess they push a lot so us teenagers could pursue our dreams.

This book had a strong message which opened my eyes and thought me that it is really important to follow your dreams but not in a way that you miss on life and don't see your friends after school or have fun. Not only did this book had a strong message but it included romance as well.. What could I say? this book is complete book which I give it a 5/5 stars Yea stars! If I were you I would try to get this book and read it as soon as possible I truly recommend this book. I am not saying that everyone would love it because everyone has different opinions but what I am saying is that in my opinion this is an awesome book who has taught me a lot while reading it. I am glad Hip Scouts gave me the opportunity to read this ARC and see how awesome and exciting this book actually is. Well enough talk just go and try this book because I recommend it. Have a nice day.

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