Friday, August 24, 2012

Just Release it Books I am unpatiently Waiting for:

Isn't it so frustrating when you finish reading a book from a sequel and you find out the other book is being release the NEXT YEAR I hate it because I am so inpatient for some reason but I also hate when they post awesomeee book sypnopsis that catch my eye and the book isn't released or takes to much time. Well this are some of the books I am inpatiently waiting for.
Comment with the books you are waiting for to be released ^.^

Warning: this are only some of the books I am impatiently waiting for if I gave you the full list it would take me a year (sarcasm attempt) but seriously my list is at least of 25 books.

Have a nice day hope you like and follow my blog ^-^


  1. Isn't Requiem already published? I've seen it in the bookstore. I can't wait for Mind Games either! SO EXCITED! sounds VERY good!

    1. No is coming out in 2013 that is what the site Goodreads says i am not sure myself. Hope it is out si I could run and get it <3 LMAO