Thursday, August 23, 2012

I am Back ^.^

Hey I lost interest in reading books and posting on this blog for two weeks but I am back for good I promise. I am really sad how I have not read a single book for a long time but that was because I have not found a good book to get me out of this but I am going to read three ARC's I have to read before they come out. Reading is something that everyone should enjoy so I would look for the type of book that would make keep reading for ever but right after I finish the ARC's. If you guys have any suggestions for this thing kind of like a dead end were I just feel like I don't want to read because of television (TV Show) or the internet. What do you guys do when you get into the mood were reading a book just makes you tired, and you find any excuse to skip reading a book.

Have a nice day.

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