Monday, July 30, 2012

I finished my summer Program!

So I would be back to making the book reviews of all the books I have gotten this month. Which is really exciting because I really missed a lot reading all the books. You know what was painful receiving Pandemonium and Delirium by Lauren Oliver and having no time to read it (not only this two books but more exciting ones as well). But today I would start reading all the arcs and book reviews I got in my mail this month. So Welcome back to me :D Lml. Hope you keep track of all the book reviews I post so you find out a different opinion of a book. Thank you for being a follower ! And being an honest and faithful reader :D .

Have a nice day,

Well back to my reading and to Goodreads to find out all the awesome books that are coming out. So when I finish reading a book I would do a book review which would hopefully be soon to get back on track with my blog ^_^

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Marhaba, Alkharmoor, Marhantein: (Hello in Arabic)

You guys are probably wondering why I am not blogging as much and also my reading piles are increasing and I don't even have time to read it. Well it is all because of Arabic, yea! arabic I am going to a school to learn Arabic from the morning to the afternoon including Saturdays which leaves me only Sunday's to read but I also have another school to go to on Sunday's so I have tried to read but I can't because I always have to be doing hw and constantly studying different concepts in the language of Arabic which is the hardest language I have seen in my entire life. If you have not seen it go to google and type Arabic handwriting and your going to see how hard it is to read write, and talk. So, sorry all of you because I actually said I was going to have a lot of free time in the summer but I actually got less. But after I finish with my classes of course I would come back and make all the blog posts, book reviews, author interviews, and awesome young adult books giveaways. But of course I would keep coming to my blog and posting some things but they would be fewer things than last months of course. Shukran (thank you in Arabic).