Thursday, June 14, 2012

TOP Reasons People use Not to Read a Book

1. "I don't have enough time". 

You could read anywhere and I know there are times when your doing absolutely nothing which is a great time to read a book.

2. "Books are too expensive, I don't have money".

You could check books from the library like I sometimes do, you could also read books online. There are varieties of ways to obtain books cheap too. 

3. "I don't know how to read, I don't have any experience".

No one knows how to read the second they hold a book, it takes practice to get used to the dialogues and the different ideas authors write in their books. So, do not get intimidated because no one is a perfect reader.

4. "I Prefer to watch the movie instead of reading the book".

Well 80% of the time the books are better than the movie so I suggest you get the book at your local library or buy it and then watch the movie. I promise the experience is a million times better because your going to be surprise at how some things may change from the book, and know what things they though were the most important and more interesting to include in the movie. 

5. "I am too tired to read a book".

These are words I used to use before when I was reading a type of genre I did not like I did not know that I was going to like books. I believe everyone likes books they just have not found the genre they are most interesting in which is the same thing that happened to me. I though if I did not like a book I was not going to like no other book in the world. But I know a lot of times people (that is one thing I used to before) lie and tell excuses that we are tired a headache or any kind of excuse to not read a book. Drink coffee or hot chocolate while reading it makes it more interesting and it would keep you awake. Once you find the book you like instead of making those excuses your going to want to stay up all night to know what is going to happen next. 

6. "It is too hard to read, I don't want to do it".

Reading is not always an easy task. But it is not difficult either if you pick a book for your level and something (topic) you would really like than you would find it that is not really a big deal. You can have some weird experiences you can cry like I mostly do in books, you can laugh, you can get mad, you can get scared, there are all sorts of emotions within books that is why I love them because they are words that make up a message.

7. " Is not really my thing, is not included in my hobbies".

Reading was not included in my hobbies either but now I really love them. Read a book on a regular basis you would see the change it would make in you. Not everyone would love to read books but would at least enjoy it a little. You could just read books to your brothers, sisters, aunt, children and it could make a change in you. 


  1. This was so funny, like five different face flased through my head as i read each one of these reasons. lol

  2. Lmao but the reasons are so true. :D Happy you enjoyed it & thanks for following my blog

  3. Wow, this is nice! I also have an experience where my friends/relatives see my bookshelf and tell me: "I'm so jealous you got so many books, I wish I had the habit of reading too." I feel like I want to go, "Well, then start doing it."

    There's really no excuse if you really want to, right?

    Great topic!

  4. This is why I love Goodreads and blogging. I don't know many people in real life who love reading. Someone told me once that reading is an antisocial hobby- that they like real people too much to read.

    Great blog. I'm following you, found your link in the GR's Group Blogger Lift. My blog is at:

  5. *Janus thats what my friends be saying when they see my bookshelf too. Yea I agree there's no excuse (:

    *365 Books a year thank you for following and yea reading is something fun and exciting ^^

  6. Books are a better experience too, you get to picture the story how you want to picture it. Sometimes I get disappointed when a movie comes out and it's not how I pictured it, so yeah, books are way better.
    People who complain about reading are just annoying. It seems like it's "cool" to hate books and say "I don't want to read, that's why I'm watching the movie." I don't care if people have SUCH an enormous aversion to reading, just don't talk like people who DO read are freaky weirdos.
    lol Yeah, mini-rant here.

  7. Haha Yea I agree with everything you said and they be calling us "nerds" like who cares if we read books