Thursday, June 14, 2012


I know, I know. That I am suppose to be blogging all about YA books because that is the point of this blog. But I really want to tell you guys how excited I am that my grandmother and my grandfather came from DR (Dominican Republic) which is extremely amazing.
Another awesome thing is that I got so much books in my mail (14 books for this month and is not even half way the month)
I dont know but June seems to be one of the most luckiest and fun months that I get.
Is also exciting that I only need two more days to finish school which is awesomeee. Yea your probably like why is this girl telling me this. But I couldn't hold it in I am just so happy.

Thank you for reading,
Have a nice day

*You could comment with things that have been awesome this past month for you if you dont mind sharing.

P.S. Thats how I am Now Extremely HAPPY ! 

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