Thursday, June 21, 2012

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles Book Review:

Perfect Chemistry By Simone Elkeles

Okay Let me tell you about this book. This book was extraordinary like i felt in love with this book when i read it I was like literally talking to myself. I couldn't even put the book down, this is how awesome the book was. I will give it 1 5.5/5 (yea i know is because i am a big fan of ROMANTIC books). AMAZING.AMAZING Everyone should read this book i read it in 2 days. My favorite character was Alejandro (I LOVE you Alex), Lmao okay let me stop. Anyways. He was in a gang, he was a latino. Brittany was a rich girl which was kind of like the good girl. So a Bad guy+Good girl= extraordinary unimaginative story which i felt in love with. Yea I know you might think I am weird now but really this book is a must read for young adults book is so amazing. I recommend this book for people who love romance because it is defenetily a touching romantic story.

*Yea I know I am not such a good reviewer, this is my first review I have made, so bare with me LOL. <3 Have a nice Day.


  1. I love this book.
    Your blog is really cool!

  2. Thank you & yea I adore this book and I love how romantic it is.