Saturday, June 23, 2012

One Lonely Degree by C. K. Kelly Martin Book Review:

One Lonely Degree is a perfect book for summer ,this book put me in a summer mood. The main character Finn is shy which is why I connected mostly with her because I am just like her. Finn had only one true friend, her best friend which was Audrey. Finn has always been nervous around guys probably because she has never been so close to guys, but she got more scared to be around guys after what happened at one of the parties she went to. After her friend Jersy (a guy which was her friend years ago) moves back into town she develops a little crush for him. But Audrey her best friend start dating Jersy and Finn tells herself that she does not have any feelings for him. But something happened and Audrey had to move for the summer so Finn was all by herself this summer as well as Jersy. The attraction between Finn and Jersy might be to strong to ignore. Well that is something you should read because I am not telling you the answer. This book was an awesome read which created mixed feelings.

This book was something I was looking for this summer, one that would put me in the summer mood, an easy read, and most importantly entertaining with some romance in it. I loved how this book made me keep reading because sometimes things happen and I wanted to keep going and know what was going to happen next. Something that dissapointed me was the ending because I felt like there should be things included I just hope there is a continuation to this book because I felt like it ended unexpectedly. But  even though that got me a little dissapointed I still liked the book because I connected with some characters, it was kind of sad at times, and it included romance in it (which is something I am always looking in books). I loved the writing of this book, Kelly Martin knows how to write in a way that would captivate people and keep them flipping pages. The cover is absolutely amazing and would look really cute in my shelf (lol) because it looks just like summer.

I give this book a 4.0/5.0 and I truly recommend this book to anyone that would want to get in the summer mood and read something easy and fast which would keep them entertained from the beggining to the end. Hope you go grab a copy of this book and tell me what you think.

Comment and tell me if you have read the book and liked it or if you would love to read this book.

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