Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hello: Abandon by Meg Cabot Update

Well I have to say I don't know why people are saying this book is bad and including all of those negative reviews because I am actually liking it so far, I don't know if people get disappointed at the end of something. But I have read up to the middle of the book and I have to say that this is a page turner. Even though this genre is not really my thing I still like it. I have not seen any romance in the book but I still think it is going pretty well so far. Well that is all I have to say. Have a nice day!

*Comment if you have read the book and tell me in which part it disappointed you or why you did not like it without any spoilers. Thanks :D


  1. Hey Hidalgelis! I read this book about a month ago and I have to say I, I really liked it. I didn't get the "oh it's horrible" reviews either. Sure, the writing is a little slow but that's just Meg Cabot in all her informality. I personally loved the book and am now currently reading the second book in the trilogy. Keep reading! It's definitely worth it! :)

    1. Thanks for the comment and yea I agree 100% with you and yea I am going to read the Underworld next hope you like the book :D as well as myself lol.