Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Fault in Our Stars Book Review:

This is a most read, yea I know is weird how I am giving 5/5 in every review well is just that the books I been reading lately have been described in one word which is awesomeee :D

I loved how John Green knew how to make the characters funny and really perfect. Yea, I have to say something weird I started crying in this book at least one which is something I barely do when reading books because I mainly read happy books. When I got this book I though I was not going to like it because books that are sad are not really my thing but I have to say that John Green made this book perfect and is weird how it was a guy writing this book which made it more exciting. There are more girl authors than guys and John Green knew how to persuade my mind while reading this.

This book was about Hazel who was diagnosed with stage IV thyroid cancer at the age of 13. I have to say this book created all sorts of emotions in a way I have not experienced before. I knew this book was going to be tough to read because it was related to cancer and death which is not something that would make anyone laugh. Even though it was sad it also included humor and I guess he did that so his audience did not start crying from the beginning to the end of the book which I though was really clever. Hazel and Augustus were my favorite characters because they went through hard times something I don't imagine myself going through. This two characters were strong characters including their parents as well.

Okay lets get to the ending that is when I started crying because it included one of the most touching endings I have read in my entire life. This book was extremely sad if it was not because of the humor of some characters including Hazel and Augustus this book would get you into depression mode. This book was really powerful and I would forever hold on to the meaning of this book. It is very rarely when a book makes me remember it for life and I believe this book would be a book I would always look back and never forget because of the powerful message it included and how sad and depressing it was.

I believe everyone should read this book. To me this book does not have a genre and should not be label because it should be a must read for everyone, I believe everyone that reads this book would forever remember it. I only have a few books who I strongly believe everyone would enjoy it. I can't explain how my emotions were while reading this book and even if I do you won't really understand me unless you go and read the book yourself. After you read this book pass it up to another person because this book should be a book that many people know about because of the amazing extremely powerful message.

I rate this book a 5/5 , Go Read It :D
Comment if you read it and like it, or if your going to get the book and read it.

Thank you John Green for writing this powerful book I appreciate it :')

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