Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Faces I would Make When Reading a YA Book LOL

First I start with the bored face because I don't know nothing about the book and just want to get to the interesting part.  (P.S some books start out interesting)

Then I start reading and get all the way through the middle or may I say the plot or interesting part and start showing different types of emotions depending on the book. Some of the faces are sad, mad, still bored, on fire.

At the end I would be like YES! awesome experience like if I just came out of a roller coaster even though I went through different emotions throughout the book. Same thing with a roller coaster as your on it your super scared and you want to get off once is over you find that the experience was
actually perfect or good.

Comment with the different faces os emotions you be making while reading a book :S / :D


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