Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Don't You Hate When:

1. You are reading a book and the first chapters are so boring so you believe the book sucks and then after you keep reading and realize is one of the best books.
2. When books are too slow paced and repeat the same thing for almost each of their chapters.
3. When your reading a book and your lost and then you realize that the book your reading is not the first book from the series.
4. When your reading a book which is really small and barely has information of the plot or maybe characters or setting.
5. Books who have covers that are not nothing like the synopsis or the story itself. 
6. Books that have synopsis that does not match anything from what really happen in the story.
7. When your trying to read a book but theres a lot of noise.
8. How there are some awesome authors who their books are barely known.
9. How sometimes the synopsis has every single detail of what is going to happen in the book (which is basically a spoiler).
10. When you go watch a video of a review to see if the book is something you should read and the person says everything that happen in the book.

* As you could see I was a little bored (let me rephrase A lot) Lol 
Have a nice day ! :D

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