Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Do you like reading Ebooks? Because I don't

            I dont know if I am weird or not but i do not know why ebooks are not really my thing I prefer the classic way of reading books which is actually having the book in your hand and flipping the pages. I have always liked new technology but I do not really seem to interact really well with ebooks. I am not saying they suck or anything I just prefer much more to read the classic way. Ebooks make me sleepy as well probably because I feel like I am reading to a newspaper but when I actually have the book I feel like I am actually in the book enjoyed a lot more. I would probably only read an ebook only when I am traveling which is like one time in a year. I have tried a lot to enjoy reading ebooks but it definetely does not work I install it on my phone, ipad, computer and my enjoyment level does not change at all.           

  I just love the smell of actual books the feeling of it and how amazing they look on shelves. But when you have an ebook you can not even have a cute shelf on your room with all the books because they are all saved inside the kindle, ebook, computer, phone. I have like 15 ebooks on my iPad and guess what? I have only read two of them and it was only for reviewing purposes. I love actual books comment if you agree or disagree with me I would love to hear your opinions.



  1. I also prefer the printed kind rather than the electronic ones. I love to smell the pages of my books and you can't do that with ebooks. lol.

    I feel that the printed ones make the reading experience a lot more worthwhile. I only got an ereader for arc/review purposes as well and for those books that are only available electronically.

    I agree that ebooks are cheaper and a lot more handy specially for travelling but I still prefer the printed books.

  2. Oh I though I was the only one that thought this way lol :D