Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Day Before by Lisa Schroeder Book Review:

Hey guess who just finished a book? I did !

I finished the book The Day Before by Lisa Schroeder and guess what? this book was amazingly awesome I give it a 5/5 star because the story and everything that happened was so enjoyable to read. Something that I found weird is how Lisa the author wrote this book in verse and I did not even know books could have been written like that which was something different but awesome at the same time. I loved how Lisa connected the lives of two young people who were both going through hardships in life (Amber+Cade) and made them connect in a nice way and even like each other.

The story was so moving it was hurtful at times, adorable, cute and just had so many descriptive words which I won't keep listing because the list would be extremely long. Amber had through deal through problems because of separation and Cade because of his dad which had some problem that I won't say because I don't want any spoilers. But I highly recommend this book because is just awesome. (how many times have I use the word awesome, I don't know probably a lot). The story is about Amber who took a day off and went to the beach to have a day stress-free, with no problems, and no worries but she met this cute guy named Cade which was also going through problems of himself who also went to the beach to enjoy himself. They had a lot of things in common and both had a main goal which was to enjoy their time and forget about the problems for one day. So many things happen during their hangout which would make you understand the reason why these two characters wanted to escape life for at least a day. 

I recommend this book I know I said that a lot but this book is incredibly cool and good I was impressed how this book was written the style, the vocabulary, and just the structure. At first I have to say I was mad that Simon & Schuster "send me  a book about poems" that is what I though the book was at first because I never imagined that a book could have been written in that type of style. I loved enjoyed to read my first book written in verse. Thank you Simon & Schuster to give me this awesome book to review.

My rating of the book is 5/5 :D Read it <3


  1. This book sounds great! I might read it.

    How did you get Simon & Schuster to send you books?

    Bound 2 Astound

  2. Yea it is awesomeeee :D
    By requesting them a copy but it is not guaranteed (but I tried and got it :D) you send them all your stats about your blog.

    -Read the book, and tell me if you like it, well I hope you do ^^

  3. I read this a couple months back and it was my first verse book too and I really liked it. I had heard about this format years ago but always thought I'd never like it but I'm so glad I gave it a chance because this book was so beautiful! Great review.

  4. Yea it was at first I did not know what it was I though it was a book about different poems so I was not going to read it then I read the synopsis and discover a new type of writing style. Thank you Lacey

  5. Adorable yet hurtful books are the most memorable ones! Glad to know that you've enjoyed this book greatly, going to impress myself with the author's writing too!

    I'm now a proud new follower of your blog, do drop by mine @ bookaworld.wordpress.com!


  6. i know right I find that when I read romantic book which are also sad I like it more than when the book starts happy and ends happy (like a fairytale)
    Thanks for following I am going to follow back now :D

  7. Great review! A book written in verse sounds really cool. I'll have to check this book out :)
    -Montana@ The Book Belles

  8. Thank you and yea go check it out :D